EQURA Automatic Mixing Cup
EQURA Automatic Mixing Cup
EQURA Automatic Mixing Cup
EQURA Automatic Mixing Cup
EQURA Automatic Mixing Cup
EQURA Automatic Mixing Cup
EQURA Automatic Mixing Cup
EQURA Automatic Mixing Cup

EQURA Automatic Mixing Cup

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EQURA 650ml 自動攪拌杯 快速攪拌 攪拌杯 奶昔 蛋白粉 咖啡 檸檬水

  • Quick Stir 快速攪拌功能
  • Strong Engine 強勁動力
  • Thermo-tolerant 耐高溫材質
  • Large Capacity 大容量設計
  • Lasting 持久續航
  • BPA Free 不含 BPA
  • Durable 耐磨抗摔
  • Easy Cleaning 簡易清洗

📌有了電動攪拌杯 就不用再多洗一隻攪拌棒
📌沖泡蛋白粉 輕鬆攪拌 健身好搭檔
📌650ml大容量 只有329g重
📌杯緣附提把 輕鬆便利帶出門
📌扣緊杯蓋有效密封 防漏更安心
📌長按開機 攪拌兩分鐘自動停止
📌USB充電式攪拌杯 指示燈顯示電量

📌之後充滿電所需大約 3.5小時 , 充滿電可用大約10-15次

📐產品尺寸:121 x 90 x 196 mm

📐產品淨重:329 g

▲EQURA 自動攪拌杯底部有電子零件,清洗時若不慎將水流進去底部電子零件處, 有可能因為進水導致商品電子零件短路損壞,建議杯體外部使用濕布擦拭來清潔,才不會導致進水故障。


1. 不可以打硬的東西,它不是刀子。

2. 搅拌杯放热水搅拌时,水不要放太满,大盖子是要盖起来的,防止飞溅,务必要打开饮水口小盖子,防止杯内热水气压太大。

EQURA Automatic Mixing Cup

  • DURABLE QUALITY and Safe: Self-Stirring Mug adopts advanced technology and food grade material, dedicated to providing you with a safe and durable product. It is made of Tritan. No BPA, FDA approved. Use as you please!

  • Convenience: Lightweight and portable; You can enjoy your coffee at home, in the office and during your travel.

  • BEST GIFT IDEA: A warm gift. A best gift for your families, friends and colleagues who love coffee, shakes, protein powder or other beverages that need stirred. Giving the person you loved this mug, warm their hands, hearts and the whole Life. Warmer self-stirring magnetic mug, warmer life! Perfect for home, office, travel, Christmas gift ,etc.

  • EASY TO USE and Clean: Add water and powder into self stirring mug, cover the bottle cap, press the switch on the base 2 seconds and the stirrer will start working. If you think it is done, you only need to press the button once again to stop stirring. After using it, simply pour in some warm water mixed with detergent, power up the mixer, and voila, all clean!

  • Worry-free Service: One year warranty and friendly customer service with 100% quality assurance. We stand behind EQURA and we are sure you are going to love it.
  • USB Charging : 1st time charging time need more then 8 hours, after that takes about 3.5 hours to fully charge, and can be used about 10-15 times .


Other specification :

Product name : Blender Mixer
Keyword : Electric Mixer Blender
Power : USB Cable
Battery capacity : 1200mAh
Motor voltage : 3V
Motor speed : 7000rpm
Rated power : 7.4W
Nominal voltage : 3.7V/2A
Charging time : 1st time charging >8 hours ,after that about 3.5hours each time
Cup body material : ABS Tritan

Place of Origin : Guangdong, China