CUITISAN Flora Handy Cover
CUITISAN Flora Handy Cover
CUITISAN Flora Handy Cover

CUITISAN Flora Handy Cover

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能用一輩子的保鮮盒 韓國Cuitisan酷藝師不鏽鋼保鮮盒 花神系列开团咯~ 

CUITISAN酷藝師 花神系列 提把蓋子【配件】





CUITISAN Flora Handy Cover

The upper cover is -40 degrees to 120 degrees
The body is -40 degrees to 400 degrees
*Only applicable to Flower Square No. 9 (1900ml), Flower Square No. 10 (2800ml), Flower Square No. 11 (3600ml)

Found that many families/foodies/workers often have the habit of packing outside foods, every time they pack they will collect a lot of packaging boxes/bags of plastic products, really feel that it is very unfriendly to our environment.

Cuitisan has launched this handle accessory so that people who often pack outside foods can also enjoy using their own stainless steel lunch box, which can be more convenient to use and carry! And most important is ECO friendly!